Aaron is a recent graduate from the University of Connecticut, with a degree in Economics. While there, he worked in numerous roles in assisting the student body including being a tutor for student athletes, and an administrative assistant at the campus library. During his schooling Aaron also interned and worked for RCN Capital, which is in the industry of financing real estate endeavors. After graduation he has spent time with us interning over the past year.  

Aaron has passed the Series 65 Exam, to be a licensed investment advisor representative, and is enrolled in course work and take the exams to become a CFP® (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™). In the meantime, he will work as an Associate Financial Advisor, and continue to get to know our clients. 

Landmark Wealth Management sees a great opportunity that Aaron will be of great assistance to help the “next generations” of our clients, in assisting and relating to them on investing and financial planning, as well as helping younger clients that come to us in the future. 

Aaron is an avid sports fan, especially for the teams of his alma mater, The University of Connecticut. In his free time, he likes to run and is a member of a boxing gym. 

Aaron Belletsky was born and raised in Granby, CT.


Phone: 631-982-8049