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Landmark Wealth Management LLC is an independent "Fee Only" U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Registered Investment Advisor, based on Long Island in Melville, New York, with conference centers located in Hauppauge, Uniondale, Manhattan, and Naples, Florida. The firm is comprised of BRIAN R. COHEN, CHRISTOPHER N. CONGEMA, CFP®, JOSEPH M. FAVORITO, CFP®, and JAMES J. MILLINGTON, CFP®. The mission of the firm is to provide comprehensive financial planning and investment management services to individuals, families, small business owners, and charitable foundations.

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Unlike traditional broker/dealer relationships, Registered Investment Advisor’s are required to act in a Fiduciary capacity. The Fiduciary capacity is a higher standard of care, that at its core requires the Advisor to put the client’s interests ahead of their own interests at all times.


The only way that we are compensated, is through your fully disclosed management fee. In commission-based models offered by traditional brokers and similar financial intermediaries, those firms/employees are paid directly by the companies whose products they help to buy and sell. As you can imagine, that lends itself to conflicts of interests.


Unlike many who offer non-fiduciary advice, we actively seek the lowest-cost investment solutions among those available, to best help you meet your goals. Keeping the internal costs of investments as low as possible while attempting to lower correlations across investment solutions and maintaining liquidity.

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SEC Registered Investment Advisor firm Landmark Wealth Management Principal Chris Congema, CFP® (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™) and financial advisor, describes what a "typical" client of their firm might look like.

Our financial planning process is at he core of how we help our clients. Watch this to get a brief overview for what it entails.

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) launched a national ad campaign to promote the difference between those financial advisors who are Fee-Only in their compensation and work in accordance with a strict fiduciary standard.

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